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Your Day in Court…

When a Notice of Deficiency (NOD) is issued by the Internal Revenue Service, you have 90 days to file a United States Tax Court Claim.  A NOD is issued for many reasons.  Usually a NOD is issued after an audit or an appeal of an audit.  For instance, if you were audited by the IRS, […]

A New Trend…

I have met with a lot of clients this year, and there is a growing trend that most people need to be made aware of.  For some various reasons (we will get into them later), workers are being misclassified.   This seems to happen more in the creative industry, but it is making its way into […]

Who is Ultimately Responsible for Paying Payroll Taxes?

IRC §6672 states the following:  (a)  General rule. Any person required to collect, truthfully account for, and pay over any tax imposed by this title who willfully fails to collect such tax, or truthfully account for and pay over such tax, or willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat any such tax or […]

Taxpayer Advocate – Our Secret Weapon

In 1998, Congress held hearings in regards to the collections practices of the Internal Revenue Service.  The agency was under heavy scrutiny because they were using questionable collections tactics, which were, as some Congresspersons said, worse than the Mafia.  These practices included wrongfully seizing assets, wrongfully levying accounts, and horrendous harassment.  Out of these hearings […]

Do You Owe the IRS? You Might Be Able to Pay Less Than What You Owe

Once upon a time, the IRS accepted something called Offers in Compromise less than 1% of the time that they were filed.  You had better odds going to Las Vegas and playing blackjack to get the tax money that you owed than to ask for an offer.  The IRS just released statistics about three weeks […]

When Not Paying Your Taxes Can Land You in Prison

For the most part, the Internal Revenue Service views the nonpayment of a tax obligation as a civil matter.  The IRS will take everything you own to satisfy the debt, and they typically cannot pursue the matter criminally.  However not paying payroll taxes is a different story.  If you willingly did not pay your payroll […]

What Exactly is Tax Resolution?

Tax resolution seems to be the new buzz word in the tax industry.  You have probably heard it, and wondered what tax resolution was.  This article will delve directly into exactly what tax resolution is, the primary companies that do this kind of work, and the usefulness of the industry.  In 2013, I formed a […]

What Are Your Chances Of Being Audited?

Have you ever wanted to know what your chances are of being audited by the Internal Revenue Service? The IRS has issued its annual data book, which provides statistical data on activities conducted by IRS from Oct. 1, 2012, to Sept. 30, 2013, and includes information about returns filed, taxes collected, enforcement, taxpayer assistance and […]

When “Settling for Pennies on the Dollar” with the IRS Can Hurt You

I am an early bird.  I mean real early.  I am typically up by 3:00 or 3:30 am every morning.  Waking up that early has its advantages.  For instance, I can get so much work done between the hours of 4 am and 8 am.  There are no emails, no phone calls, and no one […]

How a Tax Return is Selected for Audit, and the Audit Process

I am not a doctor, but I know that there is a direct correlation between an IRS audit notice and a heart attack.  In this week’s article I am going to take you through how a return is selected for an audit, the different types of audits, your rights as a taxpayer, and other useful […]