In January of 1994, someone gave me a chance.  I was in college and I heard about a job that opened up as a data entry person at a C.P.A.’s office in Tampa Florida.  I was working my way through school, and I spent my last $40.00 on dress pants, a button up shirt, and a tie for the interview.  The C.P.A. that eventually hired me asked me lots of questions that didn’t pertain to the job at the interview.  I was very nervous.  His office was full of clocks, and you could hear all of the clocks ticking as you walked towards his office, which added to my nervousness.  The firm consisted of him, a bookkeeper, and me.  The office was a converted house, and my office, yes I said office, was once a bedroom of one of the children of the C.P.A.  I was paid $5.00 an hour to enter data.  I was paid more at my second job at a fast food place, but for three months I loved my job.

In January of 2014 I celebrate being in practice for 20 years.  In my time in business, I have seen many things that disturbed me about this industry.

First of all accountants are at odds with each other.  So let’s get something straight.  I am an Enrolled Agent.  Licensed by the United States Treasury to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.  Abbreviated E.A.  I took a two day-four part examination based on taxation.  I am a Certified Estate Planner™, certified by the National Institute of Certified Estate Planners.  Abbreviated C.E.P.®.  In order to earn that designation, I had to take a twelve hour course, and a 100 question test on Estate Planning.  I am also a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist™, certified by the National Tax Practice Institute.  Abbreviated C.T.R.S.®.  To earn this designation I had to complete 300 hours of tax resolution, carry a professional license, and pass a 100 question test.  I am not a C.P.A., and let me explain the difference.  C.P.A.’s are like your family doctor.  They practice in general areas of accounting.  I am a specialist.  All I do is tax.

Small firms are caught up in doing only four things: QuickBooks, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation.  They don’t want to do anything other than those things.  In my twentieth year I am setting out to change the perception of what you should expect from your accounting firm.  We are officially launching the CWSEAPA Brand of products for small to medium sized firms, and high net worth individuals.

The first company in the CWSEAPA family is The Accounting Firm of Craig W. Smalley, E.A., P.A. This company is not your typical accounting firm.  We do bookkeeping, payroll, QuickBooks, and tax preparation, but we don’t end there. This company is comprised of Enrolled Agents, tax accountants, and paraprofessionals that work together to produce an experience with an accounting firm like no other.  We take care of our client needs in a different way than most traditional accounting firms, by anticipating their needs.  When you use this service, you will see the difference from your normal everyday Accounting Firm.

Next in the CWSEAPA family is Tax Crisis Center®, LLC.  This company does tax resolution and IRS representation.  We are a group of Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and attorneys that specialize in representing taxpayer’s interests before the Internal Revenue Service.  We can represent you all the way through United States Tax Court.  Tax Crisis Center®, LLC is a nationally recognized brand with offices in Florida, Nevada and Delaware.  Our trademarked slogan is Let YOUR Voice Be Heard®.  That is more than a saying, it is how we do business.

Tax resolution is a nasty business.  A lot of the big firms rip people off, and leave them holding the bag.  We are different.  As a CWSEAPA Branded company we approach Tax Resolution in a different way than the other firms out there.  For instance, we don’t take every case that comes through the door.  We are very selective in the help that we give.  If we do take your case, we will guarantee that we will stand by you until the case is resolved.  We won’t let the IRS push you around!

Estate Tax Expert®, LLC is a company of Certified Estate Planners, Enrolled Agents and attorneys that handle Estate Planning.  We are doing something completely different than any estate planning firm.  Our team examines every case and looks at it in a couple of different ways.  Our team strives to insulate our clients from potential claims against the estate.  We shield our clients from unnecessary taxes both estate and income tax.  We protect our client’s interests in a way that no other firm is doing out there.  Because this is a CWSEAPA company, you can expect the quality that goes into our service and knowledge.  Everyone Needs an Estate Plan® , let’s start yours today.

CWSEAPA Consulting, LTD is a think tank of tax and consulting professionals that deliver exceptional results for medium-sized companies and high net worth individuals.  Our services are designed for clients that have outgrown their CPA, EA, or other tax professional, and are not big enough for the large tax consulting firms.  You will not get lost at CWSEAPA.  If We Don’t Take Care of Our Clients, Someone Else Will®.  That is more than a trademarked slogan, it is how we run our business.  As a result of our efforts, and with a unique focus on exceeding the expectations of our clients, we have been extremely successful at forging trusted, enduring relationships with those we serve.  Our tax and advisory services include the following:

  • Business Restructuring
  • Entity Structuring
  • Tax Consulting
  • Tax Structure
  • Federal and State Tax Consulting & Compliance
  • Personal Income Tax Consulting
  • Corporate & Business Tax Consulting
  • Business Valuations
  • Assets & Acquisitions
  • Cost Segregation
  • Tax Risk Management
  • Tax Credit Maximization Consulting

Real Estate Tax Expert®, LLC is a company that provides real estate investor taxation consulting and advisory services, and can act as a Qualified Intermediary in an IRC §1031 Exchange.  There are different tax laws that apply to real estate investors than apply to other types of businesses.  In addition, we provide IRC §1031 consulting and qualified intermediary services.  We are the industry leader when it comes to 1031 exchanges.

The final brand is CWSEAPA Fiduciary Services, LTD.  CWSEAPA Fiduciary Services is a corporate Trustee and Fiduciary company.  Whether it is acting as a Trustee in a trust, banking transaction, or handling funds in an escrow arrangement CWSEAPA Fiduciary Services will live up to the ethical standards of what you have come to expect from the CWSEAPA Brand.

Each of these companies fall under the umbrella of CWSEAPA, LLP.  A Delaware Limited Liability Partnership.  CWSEAPA, LLP does not provide any services to clients, each company is separate and distinct with their own separate managing members, presidents, and board of directors.  CWSEAPA, LLP is the flagship brand for small to medium sized companies and high net worth individuals.  When encountering a CWSEAPA Company, you will come to expect quality service, knowledgeable answers and support, and a different kind of experience with an accounting professional.

You can have all of your financial needs under one roof with CWSEAPA brand of companies.  We Are Doing Something Amazing, and We Want You to Be Part of It®

Craig W. Smalley